Completion of Temelin power plant

Czech AP1000 Team
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC and Westinghouse Electric Czech Republic have formed a consortium of companies responsible for the preparation of the bid for ČEZ.

Metrostav, the largest civil engineering company in the Czech Republic, which is the exclusive partner of Westinghouse on the Czech market, has extensive experience with power industry projects and with the reconstruction of power plants. Its long-term experience will contribute to the successful implementation of the AP1000 project. Another key partner is company Toshiba (Japan), which will supply turbine and generator equipment.

The team further consists of the Czech companies I&C Energo, Hutní montáže, Vítkovice Heavy Machinery, and Vítkovice Power Engineering. These companies will ensure the implementation of advanced digital safety systems for the AP1000, and the production, erection, and installation of modules. These companies have already identified almost 150 potential subcontractors in the Czech Republic. Westinghouse's analysis of the human resources required for the planning, construction, testing, and commissioning of the power plant reveals that Czech experts will represent almost 90% of workers on the Temelín site, and 92% of the total number of people involved in the completion of the project.

The preparation of the American-Czech bid was undertaken by nearly 300 specialists and took 8 months. It consists of 12 thousand pages contained in 14 boxes, weighing over 250 kg.
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