Completion of Temelin power plant

Metrostav's Part
Metrostav has prepared its bid for the general supply of the civil part of the entire power plant, the supply of technical equipment for buildings, and the design and establishment of site facilities. Experts from Metrostav's subsidiaries have also participated in the bid preparation. The civil part should represent approximately 30 percent of the total estimated investment of CZK 200 billion.

Ing. Pavel Pilát, Head Manager of Metrostav, commented on the completion of the project: “Our company has dedicated the greatest effort in its history to the bid preparation. I am confident that we have sufficient capabilities and capacities for the construction project, and that our technologies in a number of areas are comparable with technologies of established foreign companies. Some of our technologies are even unique. The completion of Temelín is thus both a great challenge and an opportunity for us.”
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