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Chance for students with complete elementary educationOverview of Work Positions

Specialist in the field of construction (bricklayer)
Familiar with technological processes relating to construction work, construction materials, and standard construction equipment. Building of foundations, formwork installation, work with reinforced concrete, hydro insulation, erection of load-bearing and partition walls and chimneys. Installation of windows and doors, tile installation, inside and outside stucco installation. Brickwork remediation, installation of building insulation, and construction of plasterboard structures.

Specialist in the field of wooden structures – formwork and scaffolding (carpenter)
Familiar with manual and machine woodworking processes, including work planning and calculation of material quantities. Joining and assembly of wooden structures, including simple metalworking/roofing tasks, installation of formwork for concrete and reinforced concrete applications, installation of scaffolding and supporting wooden structures.

Specialist in the field of metal structures (metalworker)
Familiar with manual and machine processes involving both metal and non-metal materials used in making complicated machine components, basic machining, welding, and assembly skills.

Specialist in the field of electrical installations (electrician)
Familiar with installation, assembly, configuration, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. Assembly, installation, and wiring of switchgear, electric appliances, and measuring devices, including control, safeguarding, signaling, and protective circuits. Diagnosis and repair of defects, repair and replacement of defective components. Familiarity with electrical standards and occupational health and safety regulations.

Specialist in the field of operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment (machinist)
Familiar with the operation, maintenance, and diagnosing and repairing of defects of construction machinery and equipment used at surface construction sites. May work at underground construction sites after gaining the required experience, subject to age over 21 years and good medical condition.

Specialist in the field of technical installations in buildings (plumber)
Familiar with the assembly and installation of gas, water, drain, air-conditioning, ventilation, and central-heating fixtures.

Specialist in the field of insulation of structures (insulator)
Familiar with the installation of asphalt, foil, screed, and chemical insulations, including simple metalworking/roofing tasks. Able to follow technological processes based on technical documents and drawings, able to evaluate worksite condition and readiness and to select suitable work procedures.

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