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Metrostav to Build Road Bypass around Kongsberg, Norway

Released: 2. 12. 2016

A consortium of Metrostav and the Norwegian companies Bertelsen & Garpestad AS and Hag Anlegg has been awarded a contract to build a road bypass around the city of Kongsberg in Norway.

The tender for the contract, worth close to two billion Czech crowns, included eight other bidders from the ranks of both local contractors and large construction companies that operate on a Europe-wide basis. Nearly five kilometers long, the bypass project will include two tunnels and a large bridge over the Kobberbergselva River. Completion is planned for September 2019. For Metrostav, the contract will be the third tunnel construction project in Norway. The largest Czech construction company has completed the Langaneset Tunnel near Veitastrond and is presently working on the Joberg Tunnel, which is scheduled to be finished in the middle of next year.

In view of the lack of construction projects in the Czech Republic, Metrostav has been seeking contracts abroad. Norway is one of the many countries in which Metrostav's specialists have built infrastructure projects, such as Iceland, Finland, Poland, Belarus and others. Currently, Metrostav Group companies record nearly 30% of their revenues outside the Czech Republic. "Considering the fact that the domestic market does not offer adequate opportunities and the situation is unlikely to change, we will continue to bid for projects abroad. This way, we will be able to put the expertise of our experts and the capabilities of our specialized equipment to use," explains Václav Soukup, Metrostav Group's Head of Foreign Business Ventures.

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