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Metrostav to Pay CZK 21.50 per Share in Dividends

Released: 12. 5. 2017

The annual general meeting of Metrostav a.s. held on May 12, 2017 approved the company's financial statements for 2016. Metrostav's balance sheet total amounts to CZK 17,723, a value comparable to the result the company recorded last year. The reported structure of assets is largely unchanged, as well. As to liability accounts, the value of equity has increased, while the balance of external financing has decreased.

With CZK 18,049 million in revenues and CZK 495.6 million in net profit recorded in 2016, Metrostav was the number one construction company in the Czech Republic for the seventh consecutive year. The general meeting approved the payment of close to 170 million in dividends. As in the previous year, the dividend value per share amounts to CZK 21.50. The remaining CZK 325.6 million in profit will be transferred to the retained earnings account. Close to one-third of Metrostav's revenues comes from projects executed abroad.

The shareholders reelected Zdeněk Šinovský as a member of the Board of Directors for another four-year term, and approved an amendment to the Articles of Association, particularly in response to requirements laid down in Act No. 458/2016 Coll., which amends Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on Business Corporations and Cooperatives (Business Corporations Act). The amended law requires that the number of supervisory board members of joint-stock companies with more than 500 employees be divisible by three, where one-third of the members are elected by employees. By amending the Articles of Association, Metrostav has complied with the current legal requirements. Another reason for the amendment was to update the company's objects of business so that it includes the full range of Metrostav’s current business activities.

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