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In conducting business, Metrostav observes the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics. The Metrostav Group Code of Ethics is a binding document that sets forth the moral principles that form the basis for the Metrostav Group's operations. The Code of Ethics sets out rules of conduct for Metrostav Group companies, employees and associates.

The Metrostav Group is a grouping of legal entities conducting business in the construction sector within the meaning of Section 79 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll. The Metrostav Group consists of the managing undertaking, Metrostav a.s., and other companies under its management. For details, visit


1) At all times, we observe strict compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic, as well as the laws of other countries in which we conduct business, both now and in future.

We continue to monitor and respond to legislation and ethical standards in effect in the countries in which we conduct business, both now and in future. We observe the laws and regulations and do our utmost to prevent any suspicion of wrongdoing on our part.

2) Trustworthiness, professionalism and stability are our most important shared values.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, creative and stable working environment. We always act in a professional manner with due care and diligence. We build relationships based on trust, both internally and externally. We employ and work together with individuals and organizations that are qualified and trustworthy. We keep proper accounting records of all financial transactions. We report our financial performance truthfully. We pay taxes, social and medical insurance contributions, and other compulsory payments in a dutiful and punctual manner.

3) Our main objective is to ensure client satisfaction, but never at the expense of violating the law or ethical standards.

We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or unfair competition. We do not make or accept any payments or recompense, directly or indirectly, liable to lead to actions that are contrary to the law or contrary to ethical standards. We only engage in relationships with persons and organizations that are free of any potential or actual conflict of interest, and whose financial resources originate from legitimate sources. We pay close attention to the security of information and protection of data.

4) We are aware of our corporate social responsibility to the inhabitants of the countries, regions, cities and municipalities in which we conduct business, both now and in future.

We strive to minimize the adverse impact of our construction activities and business operations on the environment and on affected communities. We observe the needs and interests of individuals and organizations outside the Metrostav Group. We honor the legacy of past generations, and behave responsibly toward future ones.

5) We observe the rights and duties of all our employees and associates. We do not tolerate any discriminatory action or conduct.

We guarantee equal opportunities to all people, regardless of gender, complexion, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, or differences of any other sort. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment. We harbor a helpful and accommodating attitude toward handicapped and seriously ill persons, senior citizens, and families with children. We recognize the lawful right of employees to establish or join trade unions.

6) We prohibit any potential conflict of interest between an individual and the Metrostav Group. We are committed to the protection of movable, immovable and intellectual property.

We protect and carefully maintain the Metrostav Group's trade secret and movable, immovable and intellectual property. None of our work-related decisions are influenced by the interests of individuals, family members or acquaintances.

7) Failure to adhere to the Metrostav Group's moral principles is in no way tolerated.

Conforming to and complying with the Code of Ethics is the duty of every employee of the Metrostav Group. If there is an indication that the Code of Ethics might have been breached, the relevant employee is warned that such conduct is unacceptable. At the same time, we inform the employee's supervisor, the applicable department head, or the Head of Internal Audit of the Metrostav Group. No retaliatory measures against any person who reports or assists in detecting a violation of the Code of Ethics are tolerated. This way, we prevent losses, criminal prosecution and damage to the reputation of the Metrostav Group and all of its honest and dutiful employees.

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