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Here you can report unfair, unethical or unlawful actions that contravene the Metrostav Group Code of Ethics.

The largest conglomerate of construction companies in the Czech Republic, the Metrostav Group conducts business both domestically and abroad. The Metrostav Group is well aware of its corporate social responsibility, as well as its responsibility toward business partners, clients, shareholders and employees.

The Metrostav Group has adopted a group-wide criminal liability program as a systemic measure of fundamental importance aimed at reducing the risk of unethical or unlawful conduct. The program includes the establishment of the Metrostav Group Ethics Line, which serves as a channel for reporting unethical or unlawful conduct. The administration and operation of the Ethics Line is overseen by the President of the Metrostav Group.

The principles of ethical conduct and actions are defined in the Code of Ethics of the Metrostav Group.

The Ethics Line is not intended for dealing with problems concerning standard business dealings, including claims and client complaints, and it must not serve as a means for settling personal disputes among employees. The Ethics Line is not intended for reporting emergency situations (such as fire, accidents, natural disasters), which must be reported to the police, rescue services, fire department or other components of the Integrated Rescue Service.

The Ethics Line is intended for employees, members of the governing bodies of the Metrostav Group, business partners, associated third parties and the public.

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