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Basic informationMain Objectives of Metrostav a.s. Strategy

Metrostav is a construction company providing an all-inclusive range of construction services with a view to assisting clients in carrying out their plans. Strongly dedicated to the protection of the environment, Metrostav values highly the contribution of every worker to the overall success.


Improving our competences on an ongoing basis to be a continually developing and respected construction company.

Strategic Plans

Metrostav is a versatile construction company with strong financial resources and a proven track record of winning large contracts and managing multifaceted projects both on the domestic market and abroad. Key opportunities targeted by Metrostav include transportation construction, roads, bridges, and tunnels as well as construction projects executed by large industrial corporations and investors from the public sector. Further, Metrostav is committed to securing a leading market position in the segment of smaller-scale projects at the regional level.

Metrostav employs advanced technologies and systematically develops its key proprietary know-how with the aim of enhancing its technical expertise in the construction sector on a continuous basis. Metrostav places emphasis on employee training, developing corporate culture, and building the reputation of a respected company.

As the leading company of the Metrostav Group, Metrostav promotes the development of all its subsidiaries while taking advantage of synergies within the group.
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