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Since 31 December 1990, Metrostav a.s. has been the legal successor to the state-owned company of the same name (established in 1971). During its history, Metrostav a.s. has changed from a specialised firm, focusing on the construction of the Prague Metro, into a universal construction company whose name is automatically associated with reliability, quality and stability.

Metrostav a.s. is an esteemed partner and respected competitor in the area of reconstruction of national heritage monuments and in both industrial and housing construction. Its activities are spread over all construction areas and cover almost half the underground engineering market: as one of the few Czech companies it provides highly specialised underground works performed by mining methods.

For the third millennium, Metrostav a.s. pursues a programme of sustaining and improving a high quality level in the key structural technologies such as reinforced concrete structures, insulation systems and various methods of driving underground works under the most challenging projects our clients may have.

Since 1998, Metrostav a.s. has been a holder of the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management certificate in respect of general contracting for construction engineering projects, awarded by BVQI in London. It can tender for large projects for the Army and implement plans in other security areas in both the Czech Republic and NATO member countries, because it was awarded the Certificate of the National Security Office.

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